Backflow Preventer Repairs

Backflow Preventer Testing

We test and certify all major brands of backflow preventers according to methods set by USC's Manual of Cross-Connection Control. Our certified testers are licensed by the State of Texas Commission on Environmental Quality. After testing is complete, we file the paper work for you.

We work in 120 mile radius of Lubbock. *Outside of Lubbock, additional fees may apply. Call for a quote.

Now an authorized distributor of Differential Pressure Plus offering the TK-10 testing kit.

Backflow Preventer Repairs

Backflow Prevention Devices

We sell all major brands of backflow preventers to meet your needs. From half-inch to 12-inch. We can fill the specifications needed. Call with your specifications for a quote today.

We keep parts on hand for your needs. Check valves, total rubber kits, complete repair kits, testcocks, valve handles, and many shutoff valves. We can ship most non-stocked or out of stock parts by 2d day air (business days).

For critical operations we recommend keeping one total rubber kit for each type of backflow preventer you have on your property. Call us for a free consultation and quote for your spare part needs.

Backflow Preventer Repairs


WTBC's certified backflow preventer assembly testers are licensed to repair all makes and types of backflow preventions. We keep in stock parts for many common assemblies to help minimize downtime. Most parts for large valves are available in two days from our suppliers.

Backflow Preventer Repairs

Annually required accuracy check

Using high precision digital instruments, your gauges are tested in accordance with Title 30 of the Texas Administrative Code, Subparagraph 290.44(h)(4)(B), which requires gauges used in the testing of backflow-prevention assemblies to be tested for accuracy annually in accordance with the University of Southern California's Manual of Cross-Connection Control or the American Water Works Association (AWWA) Recommended Practice for Backflow Prevention and Cross-Connection Control (Manual M14).

After passing the accuracy test a certificate will be issued with the test kit certifying the field test kit is within tolerance. With two day turn around in most cases WTBC will keep you in the field not waiting for your test kit.

WTBC can make minor repairs to your gauge. We keep in stock parts such as knobs, hoses and hose gaskets, valve stems, and soft valve seats to keep your gauge fully functional.

Authorized service center now offering calibrations commercially.